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Halloween costume ideas 

halloween costumes

Halloween is all about imagination and creativity. Many people will spend hours in the craft store putting together costumes and preparing for the big night. It can be frustrating if you don’t have a clue on what to put together and what to do with your Halloween Costume Ideas.

You’ll find a large selection of masks for sale and even disposable masks that are great for spooky parties. The next time you are planning your next Halloween party, take a look at the holiday disguises that are available. You’ll be surprised at how many options you have. From that looking like a ghost to a monster, your imagination is the limit.

We all know that a ghost is a good Halloween costume idea. One of the great things about wearing a mask on Halloween is that you can really achieve your goal of looking like a ghost. Take your time and choose a mask that reflects your personality. Your best bet is to buy a Halloween costume, put it on and allow the mask to accent your face. Let the paint adorn your face as you walk around the neighborhood.

If you prefer a more sinister, more monstrous look for Halloween, a monster mask will be perfect. The eyes may be black, but that does not matter. It will still create a scary presence and get attention. Go as a skeleton, a ghoul or an old geezer.

Another option for a Halloween mask is a mole. Get creative with this Halloween costume idea. Spray paint your cheek a dark color to look like a mole and leave the rest of the face alone. This will give your Halloween costume a more grotesque look. Add some fake fingernails and moleskin to complete the look.

A pumpkin patch will make for a great Halloween costume idea. It looks so festive and just plain fun. Get creative with a Halloween mask that looks like a pumpkin and use fake hair and fake fingernails to create that festive look.

Do you love a character from the television series “Scrubs”? If so, this is a great idea for Halloween. Choose a mask similar to that from the series, but spray paint it a different color to complete the Halloween costume.

No matter what Halloween costume ideas you want to try, be sure to plan ahead and let your imagination run wild. There are many options for Halloween disguise ideas and your Halloween costume will stand out from the crowd.

free classified ads in Egypt

real estate in egypt

Classified ads in egypt

Users can experience high levels of trust and confidence with Classified ads in Egypt. Users can place advertisements about their interests in whatever area they are. For example, a user might choose to sell goods related to fish products in the busy market in the middle of the Nile. The user can purchase classified ads in Egypt that would include photos and descriptions about the product he is planning to sell.

One of the most common types of advertisements posted on the site is an advertisement for products or services with main keyword phrases. Many internet users use these keywords to find products or services through search engines. A user can also create a classified ad for his own product and customers will be able to see these advertisements in order to get more information about the product they have bought. Classified ads in Egypt also allows businesses to attract potential customers with words that seem relevant.

One of the ways in which Internet users interact with businesses in Cairo is through neighbourhood. Users can post classified ads in Cairo where they can identify shops and areas within the neighbourhood that offer services that they are looking for. As a result, they will be able to contact the shop and purchase the service they are looking for from the store and still maintain the anonymity of the website.

Free online classified advertising is not only a benefit for business owners. It also offers convenience to internet users who would like to find services and products in the city. People from Cairo can use internet in Cairo to find free classified ads, which they can follow with the online classified advertising service provider’s website.

There are many business establishments that provide free services in residential address such as cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Internet users can post classified ads for these services to attract clients to avail of the services. They can also post classified ads for any services other than food and beauty.

Businesses in the offline world can promote themselves through classified ads in Cairo, since most local companies hire their employees in the city. Internet users can post classified ads for these employees to keep their business afloat. Customers will also be able to find such classified ads so they can contact these companies for services such as food delivery, rental services, and other business necessities.

Classified ads in Egypt is a popular tool in attracting customers. It will increase the revenue of a business in the short run but in the long run, it can lead to more successful business dealings. Businesses can benefit from Internet users to post classified ads on various websites and even post classified ads in the city through the Classified ads in Egypt.

Internet users do not have to take the first available ad posted on their favourite websites. They can browse through hundreds of online classified advertising sites in order to find their best option in finding free classified ads in Cairo.

How to Copy Some of Hollywood’s Top Beauty Secrets

Hollywood stars always look at the top of their games. They look beautiful, poised and perfect. It’s not impossible to copy their looks or even that expensive. Just follow along their hottest beauty secrets, and you’ll be looking and feeling like an A-listers yourself.

Ever notice how stars always have perfectly, manicured nails? Their secret is to use fake ones that are paper-thing instead of the thick, unrealistic acrylic ones. These new nail innovations need only one gel-like coating and can be made in any color. Check out the web site, for more information on how you can have Hollywood nails.

Shiny, healthy hair isn’t just for A-list celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lopez. Using a color glaze like John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze can have your locks looking shiny while showing off your hair’s natural highlights. It’s so easy, all you need to do is apply the glaze all over your tresses and leave it on for a couple of minutes. The sheen will last for a week.

Want your peepers to pop like top supermodel Naomi Campbell? A pair of false lashes can help get the job done. If the idea of having a high-end set glued individually to each lash freaks you out, a trick the celebs use is to glue a few individual lashes to the outer corner only. That way you can have the same effect without the long, uncomfortable process.

It seems that stars change the length of the hair as often as they change their underwear. The secret is using hair extensions. Unfortunately, these hot hair accessories can carry a hefty price tag of a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Luckily for us ladies with a slightly less robust wallet, natural-looking extensions can be found online at Only $200 will get you a human-hair extension kit. The extensions come with clips that attach to the roots. Just don’t attach the extensions above your crown as they will look totally obvious.

Pale celebs are a rarity in Hollywood. Practically everyone has a golden glow radiating from their fabulously toned bodies. With the sun getting bad publicity for its skin cancer-causing UVB rays, fake tans are the only way to go. But forget about self-tanning lotions, all of Hollywood is using spray tans to look bronzed. A lot of tanning salons are starting to use these spray booth techiniques. They cost about $25 a session. To avoid streakiness, apply a moisturizing lotion all over your body, paying special attention to your palms, kness and ankles. This ensures that the spray will look even and natural.

See how easy it is to cop a celeb’s look? Now that you’re privy to some of the top Hollywood beauty secrets, people will be looking at you in awe, wondering what your secret is.

Coffee Mud Mask for Tired Stressed Eyes

facial mask

My eyes have looked very tired and stressed lately. One of the best natural beauty remedies of mine that I have been using to help relieve my tired stressed looking eyes and rid those dark circles right away is my homemade coffee mud mask for tired stress eyes. It is very soothing and rejuvenates my eyes right back up again so they don’t look tired stressed puffy and dark.
The natural ingredients needed to make my coffee mud mask for tired stressed eyes are 2 tablespoons of extremely strong caffeinated coffee, 1 tablespoon of honey, ¼ teaspoon of vitamin E oil, ¼ teaspoon of aloe vera, and 3 tablespoons of English clay powder. All these ingredients should be pure and organic for the most potency. These ingredients can easily be found at local drug stores and grocery stores.

The way you make my homemade coffee mud mask for tired stressed eyes is by taking the 2 tablespoons of extremely strong caffeinated coffee, 1 tablespoon of honey, ¼ teaspoon of vitamin E oil, ¼ teaspoon of aloe vera, and 3 tablespoons of English clay powder and placing them into a small bowl. Then you take a small spoon and mix them together until you get a thick brownish colored mud mask texture. If you find the mask to be too runny add more clay powder. You want the mask to be really thick so when you are wearing it, it does not run into your eyes. Once the mask is made you should use it right away.

Now the best way to apply the coffee mud mask is by taking a little bit of the mud mask and applying it in a thick layer underneath your eyes and near your brow bones. Never place the mask in your eyes or on your eye lids. Just around your eyes only. After leave the mask on for 15 minutes or longer if you feel you need too. Once the time is up rinsing away the coffee mud mask from your eyes carefully. You should noticed after using the mask how awake and bright your eyes look again. You can use this coffee mud mask for your tired and stressed eyes at least once a day.

The reason this coffee mud mask works for relieving tired stressed eyes is because it contains caffeine. Caffeine helps brighten, tone, and firm up the eye area. The honey helps soothe and relieve inflammation while the vitamin E oil and aloe help moisturize and rejuvenate the eye area gently. The English clay is used to also help firm and tone up the eye area and help treat wrinkles and fine lines.

Anyways, I do hope those of you who try my homemade coffee mud mask for tired stressed eyes like the results you get. I wish you all the very best with looking and feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Steps for Correcting Sagging Floorboards

Sagging floors can make the idea of other home remodeling projects impractical. Fortunately, you don’t have to just live with these floors because there is a way that they can be repaired. This article will explain the steps that you will need to follow in order to bring your floors back to normal so you can continue with any other home improvement projects that you desire. The following steps will take the droop out of your floors and make them appear as if they were brand new.
Sagging floorboards are often the root causes of other trouble spots in the house such as annoying sticking doors and windows, cracks in the ceilings and walls, and roof leaks. As time goes by, these floorboards will continue to sag even more as the house foundation settles further. Sagging boards on the first floor will have an impact on all the floors and the roof above it. As a result, this must be corrected before performing any other home improvement work. The cause of this sagging is due to insufficient support underneath of the floor joists in the basement. Correcting the sag in the basement will fix the problems on the other floors as well.

One method of propping up a sagging joist is to use a short house jack that is outfitted with a 4×4 vertical post extension. Raising up a floor joist requires a tremendous amount of force and not taking the proper precautions can result in the floor crumbling down. To create a solid base for applying pressure, you will need to place a heavy beam on the concrete basement floor. You will then need to place a beam under the joint that is sagging. The house jack and vertical post extension will be held in place between these two beams by the large amount of downward pressure from the house. Push the beam against the joist upwards by turning the crank on the house jack. Continue to gradually raise the beam and sagging joist upwards until you feel resistance on the jack handle. At this point, you must stop the project for at least 24 hours at the risk of causing significant damage to the house. After the time has passed, you may make no more than one quarter turn on the crank every 24 hour time period.

If you want to permanently repair your sagging floors, you will need to follow these steps. The area required for this project requires you to have concrete foundation that is at least 24 square inches and 12 inches thick. You can use either steel Lally columns or adjustable steel jack posts as your supports. Although more convenient to install, steel jack posts are also more expensive. Nevertheless, whatever support you decide on should be placed on the concrete at either of the two ends of the supporting beam. Furthermore, you will need to inquire about the local building code as some require the posts to be further supported by welding or additional concrete foundation.

Top Five Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

On the counter, in the cabinets and closets, and in every nook and cranny… clutter can take over your house and your life. People have a lot of stuff. You could argue that people have too much stuff, and that moving to a larger house is the answer. However, when people do move to larger houses, they usually get even more stuff.
Lack of space is not the reason for most clutter. Instead, it is a lack of organization that creates the jumble of stuff in your home. You might have heard the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” That is the ultimate mantra for getting rid of clutter. These top five tips will help you do it.

1. Mail Handling

Position your mail center directly next to your garbage and recycling bins. When you bring the mail in from the mailbox, do not just lay it on the counter. Immediately leaf through the pile and throw out or recycle and junk mail and unwanted magazines and catalogs.

2. Entertainment (Movies, CDs, and Books)

DVD and video movies, music CDs, and books can create a lot of clutter and take up a lot of room. You can store these most efficiently with various shelves and racks that are created just for them. Some DVD and CD racks can even be hung right on the wall.

3. Containers for Counters

Wide-open flat spaces like counters and tabletops are one of the first places that are covered in clutter. In order to reduce this countertop clutter, use containers for various items. Your car keys can be hung on a rack; purses or backpacks should have a peg on the wall or fit underneath the counter, or should be brought into bedrooms. In the kitchen, bins for coffee, tea, sugar, and other ingredients will look much less cluttered than individual containers.

4. Maximum Closet Usage

To reduce clutter everywhere in your home, make the most of the closet space you do have. Rather than just using them to hang hangers and shove a few things on the high shelf, you could try utilizing closet bins and racks of varying sizes. The more you fit into your closets, the less cluttered your house will seem.

5. Garages and Sheds

Garages and sheds attract clutter in their own way. Besides organizational shelving or bins, you should be able to make room for various other items that would otherwise sit in your house. Here, where the look of the place is less important than the use, organizing clutter is easier. Walls can be covered with hooks and shelves. Even the ceiling can have hooks or pulleys that will hold items for you.

Living with clutter makes many things more difficult: cleaning and housework, finding the things you need, and even leads to wasting money. With these five easy tips, you will be able to get rid of clutter in your home. Maximizing the space that you have, and minimizing the stuff that you have to put into it is the way to go.

Organizing Your Home Office

A Home office is often the landing place for mail, filing, important documents, pictures and homework. It can easily become the messiest room in the house making those important documents impossible to find and those pictures ruined from sitting on a desk. There are many things that we can do to deter clutter from the home office. These organizational techniques are sure to delight as they look great and are functional too.

Photo Boxes

Use photo boxes to not only organize photos but anything else that you have cluttering tables. Be sure to label the front of the boxes with the contents and obtain matching boxes. As a plus they can be reused and are stackable on a shelf. Matching boxes create a nice look while stacked on open faced shelves. Photo boxes in my home are used for more than photos. In the office we have a photo box for computer software, computer and miscellaneous cords, as well as stationary and a box for office supplies. It makes everything easy to locate as well as making it a breeze to organize in the future.

Filing System

Every home needs a filing system. If there is not time every single day to file papers that have been accumulated through the day it is important to use a basket, or single file to insert the papers into until they have been filed. Important and confidential information should be kept that way. Mail should be opened daily and sorted. All direct mailings that are going to clutter the room and not be used should go directly into the recycling bin.


It is very important to have a clean office area. This area is one that you must be productive within the space and able to think clearly while paying bills, writing letters, planning functions and other tasks that you must complete. It is important to have a serene environment. Floor to ceiling shelves help to create les clutter – stack books for an interesting look and put souvenirs and knick knacks in the midst of the stacks of books.


It is important to have a functional yet optical pleasing desk to work with. This desk must be functional for you in the way of storage for office supplies, files or other products. It is important to have avoided having a ‘junk drawer’ of sorts as it will get filled more often than not and create clutter within it.


I recommend having a basket in each room – even the office. This basket is the place that objects will be placed if they do not have a place to go. This is a quick way to decrease clutter – and the baskets can be cleared at the end of each day. These baskets are a great way to keep the space clear from confusion. One at the door is a great way to locate those ever lost cellular phones, keys, and wallets. Within the office for mail, pens – and other items.

Keep Your Home Safe when You Travel

Burglary can happen to anyone in any neighborhood across the globe! Recently people have had to change and adapt due to the unsteady economic times. Don’t be caught off guard! During these difficult times, when rates of unemployment are high, and daily balances in your checking account are low, average rates of crime, including violence, drug related charges, and stealing, will typically increase. This has been a pattern throughout history. These days, people have been living with less, due to the circumstances.

Americans live with enormous amounts of debt and even impressive college graduates have a difficult time finding lucrative work.

Many people used to be able to afford the simpler things in life, like clothing and food. Now, more than ever, people are clipping coupons and yard sailing. For some people though, they choose a more criminal route and decide that it is alright for them to take other peoples material possessions that other people have worked hard for. This can be done in many ways, but here are some tips to prevent someone from breaking into your house.

Stay alert, be smart, and stay protected!

Leave a car in the driveway. You will deter possible predators who are looking for an empty house. Most burglars just want the easiest way to get something for free and would rather not worry about facing a homeowner.

Keep your shades, curtains, or any other type of indoor window decoration at least slightly open. This makes your house appear as if someone is home.

Having a home that is visible to the street can be a slight advantage. Many robberies occur in homes that are more hidden from street traffic, since this decreases the possibility of the criminals being seen. Trim bushes, shrubs, and tree branches near windows and in the yard to expose your house more and increase it’s visibility to the road.

Plus, burglars may attempt to climb on large branches and use them as a ladder to break in to an upstairs window, one that perhaps you or a family member may have forgotten to close or lock!

Always have a neighbor, friend, or even the post office get or hold your mail and paper. It is so obvious that someone is away when they have three of four newspapers lying on their driveway!

It is wise to put some lights on timers that will light up different rooms of your house throughout the evening. Lights turning on and off will insinuate that someone is home.

Keep all windows, doors, and bulkheads locked. Use deadbolts!

Install motion-detecting lights. The more light, the better!

Invest in a home security system. It is like someone is always watching out for your home, while you’re in it and while you’re away. A criminal is less likely to victimize a house that has a security system, alarm, or a video surveillance system.


Top Kitchen Gadgets

As we are getting more into the technological era, even the gadgets in our house have started to evolve. It has been making our lives easy and makes us feel good about home. Kitchen gadgets have been upgraded in a way that it is easy to make our way through the kitchen. Here are some of the top kitchen gadgets of the year 2018:

  1. BottleLoft-

For a saving room in your refrigerator, there’s this attractive bottle holder. These storage strips will let you suspend the standard six-pack bottles on the ceiling of the refrigerator to free up space for rest of your cooler worthy things.

  1. Automatic Jar Opener –

Ok, containers. Their difficult covers are the worst thing about our lives. Rather than struggling, let the machine do the work.  By pushing the button, the opener will adjust itself to the cover and opens it without a problem.

  1. Heat Conducting Knife –

When you have to slice through cold butter, this blade utilizes the technology from the scoop so you can butter yourself immediately. As directed by the item page, it can even slice through the ice for those odd circumstances that call for ice slices.

  1. Herb scissors –

These five-edge herb shears will enable you to mince up your herbs and vegetables for perfect plates of mixed greens and veggie mixtures. They also come with two drawstring herb packs so you can keep your cut up herbs for some other time.

  1. Avocado Slicer –

It resembles a Swiss armed knife, with the exception of solely for avocados. This 5-in-1 slicer can split, pit, and cut avocados across the board flawless with little gadget. It’s likewise a Mashable top choice: we keep one in our office kitchen.

  1. Magnetic Knife Holder

Why have a standard blade rack when you can hang your arms right off the wall? This blade holder can hold your blades with its magnetic plan. It’s as far as anyone knows simple to install so that you can spare space on your countertop.


  1. Heat Conducting Scoop

When you want to present dessert straight from the cooler, you may finish up doing more chiseling than scooping, or much more than scooping. According to the item page, this inventive scoop directs your own body warm through the handle and around the edge of the scoop for snappy access to your frozen yogurt.

  1. Perfect Drink Pro Smart Scale-

When you are stirring up beverages for a party, this keen scale could help you to be the best home bartender on the block. Utilizing any of the 400+ formulas (or even your very own recipe), put your glass on the scale and begin pouring. The scale will ding when you have poured the correct amount so your boozy beverages can be set with precision.